RG Shipping offers a full agency service to our clients. These services include but are not limited to:
• Any/all cargo requirements & documentation
• Inward/Outward clearance
• Ordering & overseeing all port requirements (Pilots/tugs/lines/stevedores/etc.)
• Ensuring disbursement accounts are forwarded to correct parties in timely manner

Disbursement Accounts
RG Shipping will request funding by way of proforma disbursement account prior to vessel's arrival in port. Receipt of funds is requested prior to arrival of vessel in order to supply prompt payment to all parties requiring funding. This will assist our office in supplying funding party with any discounts that may be provided to our company for prompt payment.
AMS Reporting
RG Shipping is capable of manifesting any inbound cargoes into the U.S. as required by U.S. Customs & Border Protection. Our company is also a full scale cargo brokering company currently specializing in general/project cargoes to/from Latin & South America/U.S. Gulf. We also broker additional cargoes from U.S. Ports to/from any worldwide destination. As a result, we may not only be able to assist in agency services, but possibly fill open spots on your vessels as well.

Cargo Surveyors
RG Shipping International has on staff Captain Eric Nydan, a cargo surveyor which can handle pre-stowage of vessels and loading of cargo on vessels.

Owners Protective Agents
Full supervisory services to protect the Shipowner's interests in monitoring and reviewing the Charterers' agency function and overseeing all the port activities Handling any Owner's matters & attending to vessel & crew while in port

RG Shipping will handle all required documentation from our local office as follows:
• Tendering 'Notice of Readiness'
• On/Off-hire notices
• B/L signature authority
• Delivery/Redelivery Certificates
• Issuance of Bills of Lading & Cargo Manifests in strict accordance to Mate's Receipts
• Invoice & collect Ocean Freight Charges • Distribution of any documentation as required by carrier
• Present final disbursement account within 30 days of vessel's sailing
Freight Forwarding
RG Shipping is capable of document production (bills of lading) & filing of shipper's export declarations for outbound cargoes.

RG Shipping International offers a turnkey solution for all your over-the-road needs. Our trucking staff brings a wealth of experience in over-the-road services and is dedicated to managing your cargo with the utmost care.

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